The Flying Triangle UFO Mystery

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The strange triangle shaped UFOs have been sighted in almost all parts of the world by now. Last year people in Himalayas even reported these triangular objects coming out of the ground from underground bases. What are they?


  1. That not a UFO, That is the first rather clear photo of the
    Lockheed TR3a Manta which is the
    recon version of the stealth
    fighter...It's faster than the
    F117 and has ground hugging
    terrain-look-ahead software
    so it can fly just above the tree
    tops in full stealth mode.
    ATT and TI Digital Signal Processors give it at least
    120 gigaflops of ultra-reliable computing horspower to do this real-time feat. The pilots just push the joysticks to the ground
    and the flight software keeps the plane just above the designated minimum floor huuging and avoiding any terrain anomalies. Very, very Cool! It carries a few Hellfire missiles in its main body that get ejected to the rear during an attack run...but mostly the Manta flies recon for the B2's and F117's or F111's sending live video and Infra-red data using a wide frequency hopping, spread-spectrum mode radio to foil SAM's and Radar. The big bombers then waste the targets after the Manta is long gone from the targets...Flight testing has been pretty good and a few mods are being made to the operational craft so that attack missions can be facilitated. (i.e. the missile bays are being expanded for JDAM's and more Hellfire missiles).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Lockheed TR3a Manta? Or not? I saw 2 aircraft of a very similar configuration and colouring over Wedensbury in the West Midlands, UK about 3 years ago. I was working security and had just been dropped off for the start of my shift at about 2pm on a windy sunday afternoon. Clouds were rushing across the sky, suggesting some strong winds at cloud height. Having secured the main gate I began walking back across the main compound to my security hut. As the walk was long I casually watched the big fluffy clouds rushing across the sky at a rapid rate immpressed with the spectacle of nature at work. About 1/4 of the way back to the hut I became aware of what I thought was probably a large kite being flown. As my attention was drawn to this I became aware that this thing was not moving as one would expect a kite to in the wind, but was ROCK solid in the sky. Just hovering. Curious I decided to watch it further and observed the clouds wash over this thing, again at a fair speed. Still this thing remained rock solid, unmoving in the sky. By this time I was seriously interested as I definatley could not make out any cable or line connecting this thing to the ground. Relative to my position this thing was at about a 45 degree angle in elevation from me and less than 200m away from me. It was silent and doing nothing, just hovering there perfectly still. By now I had been staring at this thing for about half an hour in the middle of a large empty compound and it was beggining to rain, so keeping my eyes on this thing I decided to move to the truck loading bays to sit down and watch and get some shelter fronm the rain. As I was doing this I happend to glance upwards and there almost directly above me and MUCH closer was an identical craft. This time because the angle was better I could make out more details. It was a triangular shape, looking very much like the photograph, with the addition of a needle/rod with balls that extended from each corner. These were NOT connected to ANYTHING other than the craft. The colour was hard to call, being dark against a light colour of the sky/clouds, but I got the impression more of a very dark brown, but not quite black. Again for about half an hour I watched them both , just hovering there, before the rain got heavier and I ran into my hut to grab a coat, again not taking my eyes of these craft for a second, literally. But this is the freaky part. Half jokingly to myself I noted the time as I ran into my hut. The sky was full of clouds. In the 30 seconds it took for me to run into my Hut and reemerge, the sky was suddenly completly clear and the craft gone and the joke is, no apparent missing time according to my watch. Truly bizzare but I feel privalidge to have witnessed these craft.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    RE: TR3a or NOT!

    The craft you describe is
    NOT the Manta which uses
    conventional technologies
    for propulsion. Manta is
    just a better built, more
    capable version of the F117.

    What you describe is the
    TR3B Astra which uses
    non-conventional propulsion
    technologies i.e. Brown &
    Searle & Hutchison type
    effects to propel the craft
    in any direction or just
    stop & hover like a helicopter, except without
    the noise and wind.

    Fouche et al... indicated
    in their book that the
    Astra uses what I believe
    are Takomak style (i.e.
    hollow ring donut or globular shaped pressure
    vessels) surrounded by
    pulsed linear induction
    motors to accelerate heavy
    elements such as Gold,
    Depleted Uranium or Bismuth
    such that the individual
    particles form clusters of
    mini-tornadoes which spin at
    near relativistic speeds
    which causes gravity
    shielding effects and thus
    reducing the pull of gravity
    on any objects within the
    enclosed ring or globe.

    By modifying the pulse rate
    of the linear induction
    motors and the direction of
    spin, the gravity shield can
    be shaped so that the ship
    can be pulled (not pushed)
    toward its destination at
    fantastical speeds in excess
    of 60,000 kph.

    Using gravity field shaping
    or using electrotatic
    fields, the atmosphere can
    be pushed out of the way so
    that the craft can reduce
    or eliminate it's audio
    signature (audio Stealth)
    and prevent friction heating

    There are other side effects
    of gravity shielding which allow light to be bent around an object for visual stealth purposes but I doubt this had been perfected to
    any great extent in the
    U.S. Black Budget world

    Since this year's 2006
    black budget is going
    to be around 28 Billion
    Me thinks they can afford
    to build more than just a
    few of these craft to hide
    around the world.

    The key difference between
    the TR3A Manta and the
    TR3A Astra is that the
    Manta is DEFINITELY built
    at the Lockheed Martin
    SkunkWorks while the Astra
    might be a Northrup project.

    Boeing PhantomWorks has been
    pretty much related to
    making autonomous flying
    robots that we haven't seen
    yet. I've heard some juicy
    rumours Boeing's been buying
    a lot of DSP processors
    and multi-processing glue
    chips lately which can only
    mean they're for highly
    autonomous flying robots
    with Vision Recognition
    and 3D Synthetic Aperture
    Radar. I've seen some
    prototype design DSP boards
    with up to 64 DSP chips
    in them either from
    Clearspeed or TI (I can't
    remember which).

    You only put that sort of
    horsepower on a board if
    you're doing real-time
    3D terrain mapping and
    Vision Recognition so
    PhantomWorks definitely
    has something up it's

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Forgot to Mention that the above Anonymous comment
    on the difference between
    the TR3A Manta and TR3B Astra is


    "Aviation Jedi"
    aka Henry A. Eckstein
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    P.S. I wonder
    what the TR3C is?

    I've heard code names
    such as Grand Canyon,
    Fiery Ruby, Blue Diamond,
    and an obvious Boeing
    reference: Emerald Queen! this case the Boeing
    guys should stop going the casino's so much since
    Emerald Queen is the name
    of a Washington State

    In case you're wondering,
    I've been told Black Budget
    projects like to use jewels
    such a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and others as a
    code name for active systems
    and Bronze, Silver and Gold
    for research projects.
    I've also been told the reverse is true so I am not sure which is correct.
    If anyone could tell me
    which is which that would
    be great!

    Place names, nouns or
    colours with adjectives
    i.e. Grand Canyon
    or Tacit Blue...signify
    a specific type of project
    that deals with singular
    objectives and not necessarily entire working
    systems. Tacit Blue did
    R&D and demos on Advanced
    Coatings and low
    observability and was NOT
    designed to be a working
    battle system.
    Grand Canyon is possibly
    a tech demo for
    Audio & Visual Stealth
    technologies (i.e. hide
    something in the Grand
    Canyon and you'll never
    find it?)

    I've got a few other technical tidbits
    so give me a shout
    if your interested.

    P.S. Company Men & Women,
    No Such Agency types,
    Utah Bellringers, Ranch Hands/Dreamlanders,
    Pine Gappers, and
    Fast Walker trackers
    are most welcome to call
    with juicy tidbits.
    Use the subject line:
    so I can organize my emails

    P.S.2. Oh yeah! If you're
    working near the Westchester
    NY hills or in Puerto Rico or the Carolinas ESPECIALLY
    ring me up with the deepest,
    darkest black budget dirt
    you can truck on over to me.

    Photo please, lots
    and of photos!
    I won't publish them without
    permission but I will keep
    them safe!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Aviation Jedi again...

    Anonymously mailed
    ISO 9660 format
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs
    with photos in original
    Windows BMP format
    (i.e. NOT scanned
    in as JPEGS) are preferred.

    Video in MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4
    Windows Media, Real Video
    or Quicktime Sorenson format
    is best but Mini-DV,
    Digital-8 or Hi-8 or
    Betacam SP or YECH! "VHS"
    is also acceptable.

    On label write:

    Send To:
    Aviation Jedi
    1298 Prairie Ave
    Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
    V3B 1T1

    Attention: Henry A. Eckstein

    If you've got a digital
    Still Camera use
    mode please.

    As a last resort, send
    or Acrobat PDF files!

    Can also be emailed to