Virtual UFOs from advanced Extraterrestrial alien civilizations in the 5-D Hyperspace that contain our Universe

Monday, August 22, 2005 at Monday, August 22, 2005
I'm not exactly sure where the guys at India Daily get their information (maybe they have a direct link to aliens :) but they sure have an entertaining site.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Magnetic and geologic surveys of many areas throughout the world have revealed magnetic anomalies that could not be produced by any natural or known phenomena. These transient magnetic anomalies have been recorded by humans, indicating synchronous aerial magnetic anomalies that have a multidimensional para physical place of origin in terms of a different level of reality where stability and solidity are being fuelled by a ceaseless process of subatomic particles, constantly dissolving into an implicit order and then re-crystallizing within our space. Extraterrestrial biological entities are using technologies and aspects of the physical universe that are beyond our current understanding to conceal their behavior, culture and appearance. Occasionally they reveal their presence in our measurable space-time by making frequency shifts that leave traces of field flux in certain energy spectra that allows us to witness their presence.

    Recent developments in cosmology, physics, astronomy, astrobiology and astrophysics indicates visitations by advanced cosmic civilizations is a reasonable deduction and that we are part of a larger cosmic civilization. Today's science has rationally deduced multi-dimensions exist with superstring theory, making traversable wormholes the interstellar travel vehicle of choice for advanced civilizations. The extraterrestrial conclusion that intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe is visiting Earth, is now more valid with the velocity-of-light constraint removed as the restricting factor. The velocity-of-light constraint has been the limitation within the parameters of the special theory of relativity but not general relativity. Using general relativity as a basis, the mathematical requirements for a traversable worm-hole metric is within the limitless speed at which space itself stretches. Faster than light relative motion is determined by materials that possess negative mass which repels rather than attracts gravity (exotic matter). General relativity in terms of a polarisable vacuum, opens up a different metric in which dielectric (nonconductor of electricity) properties of a vacuum are altered to raise the local propagation velocity of light to create a local index of refraction of less than unity. The speed of light limit becomes different, making entry or exit into our universe at a desired location, technologically possible with the coherence of random vacuum fluctuations. Older cosmic civilizations would possess advanced science and technology that would take advantage of exotic matter and extra-dimensional realms.

    Alien White Paper - The Alien Question?