The Roswell Incident: 60 Years Later

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 at Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Whatever you may think or believe about flying saucers visiting our planet on a regular basis, this July 4th marks an important, no, a LANDMARK day in the field of ufology. Sixty years ago today, a craft of unknown origin crashed in the high desert region of southeastern New Mexico near the small town of Corona, and we're still trying to sort out fact from fiction.

On that day a local sheep rancher found the craft's debris and drove it to show to civilian and military authorities in Roswell. The "Roswell Daily Record" ran a front page article a few days later stating that a "flying saucer" had been captured by the Army Air Force near Roswell, thus "the Roswell Incident" was born. The Air Force initially declared that they had recovered this flying saucer and were sending it to "higher headquarters" for examination. Several hours later the Air Force had changed its tune and declared the object a "weather balloon" and the debris merely rubber and a tin foil radar target.

Since then, the Air Force has admitted to lying back in 1947 and now says the debris was from a then Top Secret project called 'Project Mogul' which was trying to detect Soviet nuclear detonations from high altitudes.

Recently a book has come on the market called "Witness to Roswell" which discusses the eyewitness testimony of a high ranking Air Force Officer that came to light in a signed affidavit written while on his deathbed! I find it incredible that even to this day, 60 years later, new evidence is still coming to light in this high profile case. This story bears watching in the next few months as I fully expect even more evidence and documents surfacing all culminating, finally, in a public admission that a craft from "somewhere else" has visited our planet at least once in the last century.

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